Alexandra Mosoeanu (B.1994)

 is a first generation Romanian American Artist born in Philadelphia, PA where she currently resides. In 2016, Alex graduated from Moore College of Art & Design with a BFA and minor in Graphic Design and currently teaches after school art classes at Independence Charter School where she shares her love for creativity in all its forms.

In addition to art making, teaching and organizing exhibitions Alex also takes an interest in applied arts such as prop making, set design and graphic design.

Alexandra has received the Best Painter award and Happy Fernandez travel scholarship award in 2014 during her time at Moore College of Art & Design. She has participated in four Rittenhouse Fine Art Festival events, displayed her work in the Romanian Parliament Building, has sold her artwork during the Romanian Professional Society Gala for their Silent Auction, displayed her work within the Goldie-Paley Gallery, Annenberg Gallery, James Oliver Gallery, Urban Art Gallery, Plays & Players Gallery, Beyond The Seams, The Common Room, Da vinci Art Alliance and The Plastic Club, Rybrew, Trollyshop 215, Duoro Museum in Portugal and has her work collected by International artist, Antonio Puri and George Sfedu, the Consulate of Romania in Philadelphia.

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